Top 5 Secret Celebrity Weight Loss Diets Exposed

Many people wonder what some celebs do to have rock hard abs and fit into their body-hugging dresses.

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First, it’s necessary to note that these are for long-term health and weight-loss goals not just for a quick fix for two weeks. Below Jessica Simpson, and other stars share their surprising and inspiring methods for losing weight.

#1. Jessica Simpson.

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After the birth of her son Maxwell, this celebrity mom gained more than 66 pounds and could not lose weight and was anxious because of that. When the stars began to receive comments about the too curvy figure, Simpson decided to take matters into her own hands. The result is evident! During the six months, she lost 66 pounds! Fans of the actress were shocked when Jessica shared her photos in a bathing suit on “Instagram.” The secret was four days training in the gym with trainer Harley Pasternak and “Weight Watchers,” which is based on a meal system where each product is assigned a specific number of points, depending on the calorie intake and nutritional value. Each weight group has own points for the day.

#2. Christian Bale.

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One of the most talented stars this generation Christian Bale relates to his roles far more severe than his co-stars on set. To play a starring role in “The Machinist” Bale has dropped almost 66 pounds and ultimately weighing about 121 pounds. But Christian did not stop there a few years ago, he again had to quickly take the weight off for the role of ex-boxer in the film “Fighter.” We hope to see him healthy and more on the screen.

#3. Tara Reid.

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In pursuit of the ideal body, many people do not see the point for the star of “American Pie.” A few years ago she gained 22 pounds for a role in the film but then began to drop weight. The actress never applies any effort to lose weight. Tara’s recipe consist of little activity, a proper diet, and fasting. Which resulted in many fans of Tara believing that the actress was anorexia. But Reid sees no problem and thinks that society will never be satisfied. “I stouter – fat woman, I lost weight – anorexia! I do not want to depend on the opinions of others “, – stated the actress in an interview.

#4. Renée Zellweger.

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For the part in “Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason,” the star had to go to 6 sizes in a short time span. After this role, Rene asked experts how to get back to original shape. First was a light diet, which prepared her for a tougher diet. A nutritionist designed a unique lightweight program that excluded flour, sweet, fat and alcohol for the actress. It saved the turkey, tuna, salads and steamed vegetables for Zellweger which all products can be eaten without oil and salt. The tougher diet also included one apple, an orange, and a grapefruit for the day, along with 2 liters of water and herbal teas. For a one month, the actress was using a diet and had achieved results. Now, the “grapefruit” diet has become less rigid: before every use of food at half grapefruit.

#5. Matthew McConaughey.

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Matt never had trouble with overweight, but when there is a part, the star is going to make any sacrifice that’s needed. For the performance in the film “Dallas Buyers Club,” McConaughey lost nearly 44 pounds! The actor did not hide his strange diet from his fans. Matthew drank Diet Coke, for breakfast ate egg whites, a piece of chicken and then continued to drink Diet Coke. The only culinary pleasure, from which Matthew could not refuse was tapioca pudding. McConaughey has revealed that he lost 5-6 pounds every week, but this diet has shaken his mental state. And he is not planning to change so much in the future.