Top 5 NFL Contenders in 2016

The NFL Draft is over and training camps are underway, what’s left to do other than wonder just how good our team will be!? The Super Bowl will take place in Santa Clara, California this season…What a beautiful place to take home a title!

The Zilla has broken down the Top 5 Contenders for the upcoming NFL Season. After analyzing last seasons performances, this year’s draft prospects, and a little bit of ESP(N), we think we’ve nailed it!

5Dallas Cowboys

For a team that has floundered since the 90’s, we can already hear the groans from Cowboy fans; as if number 5 isn’t good enough. The team has put together a very competitive roster, with defensive additions like Greg Hardy, the already efficient Cowboys Offense may be able to stay off the sidelines a little more this season. The extension of Dez Bryant may have a positive impact as well. Dez has a home now and could really shine with Tony Romo throwing the deep ball.

The elephant in the room will be the Cowboy’s running game. With the loss of DeMarco Murray to Philadelphia, can the Cowboys fill that production? If so, Cowboy’s fans may be rejoicing in early February next year…


4Green Bay Packers

Never a surprise to see the AFC North contenders in a Top 5 List, they’re a well run organization with an elite quarterback. Basically, we’re looking at the same team from 2014-15, but we can’t bet against them! They made some minor adjustments, and had a decent Draft, but it remains to be seen if this team can excel to another Championship.

The need for improvement on the offensive line and the defensive core aging rapidly, if the Packers can stay healthy and improve they’ll be fighting for a shot at a Title for Title Town, in Santa Clara.

3Indianapolis Colts

A young team that made a close run at last year’s Superbowl, the Colts are a team that seems hungry. Reflecting their owner’s risky behaviors isn’t seen in their on the field play. We’re seeing a Star be born in Andrew Luck, and we all know that in the NFL, an elite quarterback can make all the difference between playing in January and playing in February. The Colts may just make that jump this season.

There isn’t much downside to the Colt’s prospects of winning it all, a few tweaks here and there may be all it takes. The AFC South is up for the taking for awhile for this Colts team.

2New England Patriots

If Tom Brady wasn’t facing a four-game suspension, maybe we could put the Pats at number one. The Superbowl champions are coming in with a target on their back, and talent wise, when running on all cylinders, they will handle the attacks well. If any coach can keep a team hungry after winning it all, it’s Bill Belichick. This is a team that takes a beating and keeps on ticking.

Only time will tell how the Brady suspension will affect this time, but if they come out of it at 3-1, watch out for another Superbowl Run. Tom’s got something to prove…for some reason.

1Seattle Seahawks

One name: Jimmy Graham. The core of this team hasn’t changed much, but the addition of a high impact, big time target for a scrambling Russell Wilson could make for a lot of restless nights from coaches around the league. The best home team in the league will have nothing but vengeance on their minds after falling short to the Patriots last year. Being that close to another ring, and being in the middle of a contract nightmare, let’s all sit back and see what Russell Wilson is really all about. This team hasn’t failed to impress in the last few years and we think this team could be really special this season.

No real downside. Seattle fans(12th Man, if you will), go ahead and book your tickets to Santa Clara if you want to get the rates as cheap as possible!