Watch What Happens When You Soak Your Feet In Apple Cider Vinegar!

1Apple cider vinegar offers much more than just cooking!

Next time you are shopping, get an extra bottle or two because you are going to be using a lot more of it! So what exactly can you do with apple cider vinegar? This golden liquid does everything from disinfecting wounds to ridding your scalp of dandruff, to boosting your energy levels.

Check out the lists below for the many different ways your life can be improved thanks to apple cider vinegar!

1. Banish Breakouts


It can even help prevent breakouts by balancing your skin’s pH levels. Dilute some apple cider vinegar with water and apply to a cotton ball to use as a toner or on blemishes.

2. Soothe Sore Throat


The bacteria fighting properties of apple cider vinegar work just about anywhere. Gargle equal parts warm water and apple cider vinegar at the first sign of a sore throat to keep it at bay and repeat every hour as needed.

3. Get Rid Of Dandruff


The acid in ACV helps to remove product build up. It also helps to balance your scalp’s pH level. Try mixing 1 cup apple cider vinegar into 3 cups water, spraying your scalp and sit for an hour. Wash your hair as you usually would. It leaves hair looking shiny and soft.

4. Remove A Wart


Just soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and cover the wart. Leave it covered overnight and repeat every night until the wart falls right off.

5. Use It As A Deodorant


Apple cider vinegar will help fight the odor-causing bacteria without the cancer-causing toxins. Just apply a little ACV under your arms. You won’t be left smelling like vinegar once it dries.

6. Heal A Sinus Infection


Since it’s antibacterial, it can also prevent a sinus infection or a cold as well. Mix 1/4 cup of water, 1/4 unfiltered apple cider vinegar, 1 Tsp of cayenne pepper, 1 Tbs of honey and a wedge of lemon to breathe a little easier.

7. Whiten Your Teeth


Make those teeth sparkle after swishing around some apple cider vinegar diluted with one part baking soda and water. Then brush as usual. The bacteria-fighting power of ACV is an added bonus too.

8. Heal A Sunburn


Just apply a washcloth right to the itchy area for some relief.

9. Clean Your Makeup Brushes


Don’t forget to clean your makeup brushes! Just mix 1 cup of water to 1 tsp of ACV and dip your brushes in and pat dry.

10. Soothe Eczema And Psoriasis


After a breakout or the appearance of eczema dab on some apple cider vinegar. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and will help to ease the itchiness.

11. Prevent Ingrown Hairs


The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar causes it to be an exceptional antimicrobial agent. And has been used to keep ingrown hair and razor bumps at bay.

12. Detoxify Your Skin


Apple cider vinegar can help detox your body. Mixing ACV with bentonite clay for an exfoliating detoxifying mask to rid of impurities and it will make your skin a little brighter too.

13. Get Rid Of Stinky Feet


Apple cider vinegar helps get rid of bad smells, wherever they may be. If that just so happens to be on your feet, try this remedy. Soak your toes in 1 cup ACV with 4 cups of water to combat the odor. The ability of apple cider vinegar to balance the pH of your feet and eliminate odor causing bacteria is what makes it a great natural remedy.

14. Boost Your Energy


Grab a bottle of apple cider vinegar for an energy boost. The vitamin E, A and B , and magnesium, iron and calcium in apple cider vinegar help to give you a pick me up. Just add some ACV to a glass of water.

15. Improve Digestion


Having tummy troubles? Make an easy digestion salad dressing by mixing 1 Tsp salt, 1/4 Tsp pepper, 1/4 cup ACV , 2 Tbsp of honey, 1/4 cup olive oil and 1 lemon wedge to help settle that stomach. It’s the antibiotic properties and bacteria-fighting power of ACV that help.

16. Support Weight Loss


Consuming apple cider vinegar can help you feel more full, which can help you eat less. A study has also shown acetic acid, found in ACV, to slow fat accumulation.

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