She Rescued Him Years Ago, And Never Thought She’d Have To Do It Again

It started with a phone call. Then a rush to her local humane society, even though Judy Obregon just stepped out of the shower and still dripping wet.

A dog whom Obregon saved four years ago and adopted out to a family had just been dumped at the shelter. The dog, known as Benji, was left there in a cage on a cold cement floor.


And even though Obregon, founder of The Abandoned Ones “Saving Animals in Danger” (TAO) rescue in Fort Worth makes every adopter promise that they will return the animal to her in case things do not work out. Noting it’s even in the adoption contract.

The Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT) found her through the dog’s microchip information. Although the adopters who dumped Benji did not register the chip in their name, the HSNT found Obregon’s information since all her animals are also chipped to her organization.


Rushing down, Obregon walked to the back with an HSNT employee and tried to keep her focus. Then she saw Benji.

His head was down looking toward the concrete. It was just minutes since he had been surrendered. And he already looked defeated.

“When I called his name he barely lifted his head,” Obregon said. “He shook as he was so afraid.”

She looked at him. “Benji, it’s me,” she said. “I’m here to rescue you again, and I’m taking you home.”


Benji looked up at Obregon and his eyes widened. She asked the employee if she could just take Benji home right then and there.

“Yeah let’s take him out, put him on a leash, take you upstairs and get you both out of here,” the employee said to Obregon.


Watch the clip the day Benji was dump at the shelter below…