Makeup Artist Turns Her Lips Into Creative Cartoon Characters

From Pluto to Shrek, London based hair and makeup artist Laura Jenkinson has a thing for cartoon characters.

Cartoon Characters3

Her jaw dropping creations have taken Instagram by storm as she expresses her love for cartoon characters and cute animals in a different way than most artists, she uses theatrical makeup and occasionally lipstick to paint them on her own mouth.

Her lips, tongue, teeth, cheeks, and chin all have a particular role to play in bringing your favourite cartoon characters to life on her face in a wacky and hilarious way! Jenkinson’s inspiration and technique are surprisingly very simple.

Cartoon Characters4

She’s seen plenty of other fantastic makeup artists on Instagram and she wanted to do something similar but on a bigger scale so she started doing a character once a week. She would find a picture and then just hold it up to the mirror as a guide and draw straight onto her face.

Watch the short clip of her lipstick makeup art below…