Have WWE Fans Gone Too Far?

A fake “Money in the Bank” suitcase was tossed from the crowd and hit WWE Superstar Roman Reigns in the side of head last Saturday night, and the guy who chucked it was taken to jail immediately after being tossed from the arena. All of this took place at a WWE house show in Victoria, British Columbia. House shows are WWE events that aren’t filmed for television. Thank God, this guy was looking for his 5 minutes of fame, but this won’t ever see TV coverage. The Internet is going bananas over it though!

CTVNews has provided a synopsis of incident on Sunday via Victoria Police Officer Edwards:

“Edwards says other fans saw the briefcase — a replica of one used in WWE shows — and began chanting for the man to throw the briefcase into the ring.The overzealous fan tossed the briefcase into the ring, hitting wrestler Roman Reigns in the back of the head.Edwards says that no one was hurt and no charges were laid after an apology was given by the fan.The 31-year-old male has been banned from any WWE wrestling shows in the future.”

A video shot from the audience’s perspective at the event shows the maylay that occurred  after the fan threw the briefcase:

What are your thoughts? Was this bound to happen, or have WWE Fans gone too far?