This Guy Pours White Vinegar Inside His Toilet Tank. Now Watch When He Flushes… BRILLIANT!

4Keeping a house clean can be one heck of a challenge. You’ll find clothes all over the floor, dust on pretty much everything, and the washroom? Ugh… bathrooms are the worst!

I absolutely hate cleaning the bathroom. Ironically, with all of the gross germs that it harbors, the bathroom may very well be the place that needs the most cleaning.

So thanks to HouseholdHacker, we have 7 amazing bathroom cleaning hacks to make your bathroom its cleanest with the least amount of time and effort as possible!

#1. Cleaning your mirrors with newspapers and tea

7 Genius Cleaning1

Brew some black tea bags and spray the tea onto windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces to loosen up dirt, grime, fingerprints, and other gunk. Be sure to wipe away with a clean newpaper to minimize streaks and dust particles.

#2. Removing soap scum and grime

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Soap scum builds up, shower after shower and bath after bath. The longer the cleaning is delayed the more difficult soap scum is to remove. So mix 4 cups of white vinegar, 4 cups water and 1 Tbs. dishwashing detergent together and then fill a spray bottle. Let the vinegar work on the stain for 15 minutes. Then scrub with a soft bristle brush. Rinse completely with hot water and wipe the area dry to help remove any remaining traces of grim.