DIY Portable Fan From An Old Coffee Can That Will Keep Cool You Down

12Staying cool in the summer weather is extremely essential, but it can also be so costly.

Not everybody’s fortunate enough to have basic air conditioning and those who do have to deal with the additional electricity cost. Plus, stores tend to increase the prices of everything from window units to fans just when we need them the most. Below is a creative option called the “cool can,” created by Youtuber Kipkay. He turns a coffee can and salvaged computer parts into a powerful little fan that can keep you fresh while you work and it take as little as $2.00 to make! Take a look below at how he does it.

Materials you will need as follows.

Small cleaned plastic coffee canister
Grill cut to fit the coffee can (from the back of an old computer or blank CD, or plastic container top)
A small computer fan
2pk – 9-volt battery clips
Heat-shrink tubing
Old USB cable
Ice cubes
Plastic zip-top bag