When A Boy Noticed Something Unusual By This Lake, No One Expected What It Turned Out To Be.

When a little boy was walking by Lake Kurtna Matasjarv in Estonia, he noticed something unusual.

Boy Noticed5

Nothing seemed to be growing in a deep channel in the ground, and the path led directly into the water. When he brought this to the attention of some nearby adults, they started an extensive investigation… and wait until you see what they found!

This didn’t look like an ordinary hiking path. It looked like it had been scraped into the ground.

Boy Noticed1

It led directly into the water.

Boy Noticed2

They tried digging around, but when it became clear that they couldn’t do it alone, they alerted the authorities.

Boy Noticed3

They hoped that the mystery would be solved with the appropriate equipment.

Boy Noticed4

Shortly after they began to dig, they struck something hard.

Boy Noticed5

It was some kind of large metal object.

Boy Noticed6

And it had a hatch.

Boy Noticed7

They kept digging, eager to learn more about this mystery.

Boy Noticed8

They finally saw enough of the object to realize what it was…

Boy Noticed9

…a World War II tank, somehow kept in nearly perfect condition!

Boy Noticed10

The tank is a Soviet-built T34/76A.

Boy Noticed11

They now suspect that the tank was abandoned in the lake in order to avoid the enemy getting their hands on it.

Boy Noticed12

The 27-metric-ton tank had been at the bottom of the lake for 56 years!

Boy Noticed13


Boy Noticed14

It took a huge effort to get the enormous tank out of the mud, but they managed to do it. Watch the footage below!

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