7 Christmas Life Hacks You’ve Never Seen!

Christmas isn’t just about spending too much money!


Today we are going to show you how to save some money this holiday season. We have put together 7 Christmas hacks that will help you decorate, wrap presents, and gift without breaking the bank.

#1 Candy Bows

Candy Bows

If you don’t have a bow for wrapping a present, don’t worry. You can use Skittles or M&M’s. Just take string or ribbon and tie a knot in the center of the skittles bag. Just use tape to secure the back of the bag to the present.

#2 Infinite Cash


If you’re going to give cash as a present. Here’s a super creative way to wrap it. Grab a box of any size, it’s up to you. Then secure a dollar bill with tape to the bottom of the box. Then tape the rest of the dollar bills to each other end to end. Finally, tape the last dollar bill to the top of the lid of the box. This way when they open the lid of the box the money is all connected. This is an awesome gift anyone would love.

#3 Cereal Box Gift Bag


Help the planet by recycling those old cereal boxes into gift bags. Plus save some money. Just cut off the top of the box and use a hole puncher to punch four holes in the box. You will need to punch two holes on each side of the box. For the handles, you can use Christmas ribbon or whatever ribbon you want. The final result is super cute!

#4 Toilet Paper Roll Hack


Cut an empty toilet paper roll down the center to use as a cuff. Then place the toilet paper roll around the wrapping paper. This will secure your wrapping paper and keep it from going everywhere. Just use a small piece of tape to secure the toilet paper roll around the wrapping paper.

#5 Cupcake Ornament


To make this cupcake ornament, you will need a cupcake liner, styrofoam ball, and a pompom. Glue the cupcake liner to the styrofoam ball. Next, glue the rest of the cupcake liner to the ball so that it’s secure all the way around. Then you will want to glue the pompom to the top of the ball. Finally use a paper clip or regular ornament hook so you can hang your cupcake ornament to your tree. You can spice it up with glitter or beads to make it extra cute.

#6 Inexpensive Gift


If you have a lot of friends and you, need an inexpensive gift idea. You can make the cutest Starbucks inspired candles for less than a dollar. Just buy a bunch of candles from the dollar store and print out the Starbucks logo. Next, cut out the logo in a circle and glue it to the candle. You can also add a small green straw to the top of it. Just remember to remove the straw if you plan on using the candle.

#7 Money Crayons


Finally here is another way to give money in a very creative way using crayons. Just wrap the crayons with a dollar bill and tape the dollar to the crayon. Then put the crayons back into the box. Little kids will love the extra surprise of money inside their box of crayons.

Watch the entire video below:

Those are the 7 Christmas hacks. Let us know which one was your favorite and if you would like to see more Christmas hack videos.