6 Tricks to Getting in Shape On The Go!

Working out can be a time consuming, frustrating, and stressful idea for many of us. The idea of taking time out from your busy schedule to hit the local gym is completely foreign to many, not to mention the gym just isn’t for everyone.

There are several ways that you could begin an exercise routine without signing up for an expensive gym membership, or even stepping outside of your home or office!

Avoid loud, sweaty, gyms altogether and get in the best shape of your life! Here are the Top 10 Ways You Can Build Quality Muscle and get Shredded from Home!



This is pretty common knowledge, but it really is something you can do anywhere and it will allow your muscle fibers to do what they were meant to do. Most of us give a little stretch when we wake up from bed; that’s our body’s instinct to get us ready for the day’s action. Let’s take it a little further.

Time: 3-5 Minutes.

How Often: Every Day, 2-3 times per day.

It is best to do this in the morning because your muscles are stiff after sleeping through the night. Take every muscle in your body and extend it for 10-15 seconds. For arms and legs, extend them as far as you can while remaining comfortable. Don’t push yourself too hard, this can cause problems. If you feel any pain, you’re over-doing it! For your abs, back, and torso – try rotating your body and holding that position for 10-15 seconds. Once you do this for 3-5 minutes, you’ll feel ready for the day, and your muscles will be ready to fire off!



Maybe not on day one, but with practice and persistence – This could be you!

For many, this sounds a little too much like high school gym class, and we know that many of you may not be able to do many (if any!), and that’s ok! With time, you’ll be knocking out sets of 50! At first, if you can’t do push ups, try to just get into the position and hold yourself there for as long as you can. Push Ups are great because they work your arms, back, and abdominals! Doing this exercise fires off muscles that are used naturally because the act of doing a pushup is something that humans have been doing since the beginning of time, not for exercise, but for manual labor.

Time: 3-5 Minutes.

How Often: 3-4 Days a week

Once you’ve got your stretches done, get in the proper position. The best plan of action for this exercise is try to do as much as you can without hurting yourself, 3 times a week. Start slow, know your body’s limit and set a goal! On day one maybe its just one push up, or even a 30 second plank (holding yourself in push up position). After a week or so, you’ll see your body starting to improve. Some people have gone from not being able to do a single pushup, to doing 10-20 in a fast as a week. This is the perfect workout for those on the go; you can find a place to drop and do as many as you can! It will eventually become a game; let’s see how many you can do! You could even get your friends involved! Challenge yourself and others!



Sounds like a gym workout, but in all reality when you’re starting out a workout routine, you don’t need any waits! Squats strengthen your major leg muscles, firm your buttocks, and really do a lot for your core strength. Again, make sure you’ve done your stretches and then get ready for the burn! The idea again is to do as many as you can, but with squats FORM IS VERY IMPORTANT! Make sure your knees are parallel with your shoulders and facing forward. You want to bend at the knees and stick your butt out, go as low as you can without hurting yourself. Early on don’t worry about using any weights; your natural body weight will work just fine.

Time: 3-5 Minutes

How Often: 2-3 Days a Week

Start off slow, if it’s just one squat – pat yourself on the back! Like with all of these workouts, if you WILL see improvement if you stick to it! Once you start seeing improvement, you will need to set goals for how many you feel comfortable doing in a set. A Set is how many repetitions you can do. With squats, once you can do 10-20 in a set, increase the amount. Set new goals and keep increasing the amount that you do. Eventually you might want to add some weight, but you don’t have to go to the gym; grab a couple of jugs of water, or something that you can grip comfortably. Remember, take it slow to start and increase the intensity as you make progress!



Basically, Isometrics is just a fancy term for “Flexing” your muscles! You can do this while sitting on the couch or as you walk your dog, and it has amazing benefits. The biceps are the easiest to explain, because we’ve all done isometrics with that muscle; just do your best Hulk Hogan impression!

Time: 3-5 Minutes

How Often: 5-6 Days A Week – Rotate Different Areas of Your Body

You are basically tricking your body into thinking you are lifting a weight. For your arms, make a fist and curl up and flex at the same time. Don’t over do it! If you feel pain, stop immediately and take it down a notch. Do this in sets of 10-20 for each body part. You can flex your abs, arms, and legs pretty easily, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll start to feel out your other muscles. It sounds silly to just sit around flexing your muscles, but for beginners this an excellent way to gently break down your muscle fibers and have them rebuild rapidly. Isometrics are perfect for those on the go because you can do it from anywhere at anytime; even while you’re talking to someone or as you watch TV! Just make sure to make it part of your routine!



Yay! Everyone’s favorite, Crunches! We kid, this is one of the least appealing workouts for some reason, but it leads to the one outcome most people desire most: ABS! We all have abdominal muscles, some of us actually have very nice abs, but they are just covered by a layer of fatty tissue. A common misconception is that doing crunches and sit-ups burns fat from the belly area; actually you’re just trying to build those abdominal muscles so that they can become visible. Of course, building muscle is the best way to burn fat, but focus on building those abs up!

Time: 3-5 Minutes

How Often: 3-5 Times a Week

Your abdominal muscles are able to bounce back quicker than many other muscles, so you can go get it! You want to find your baseline first; how many can you do without feeling any pain or exhaustion. If it’s 10, then start with 10, but make sure to set a goal and increase the amount of reps that you do. For the first week do a few sets of 10, then for the second week increase it to 20, and keep going up! Some people start their day with 100 crunches and they have the abs that you’ve always wanted!



Cardiovascular workouts basically mean doing any exercise that gets your heart rate up. For some this may include going for a jog or run on the treadmill, but we want to give you some tips on how to get a quick cardio workout in while avoiding the gym. For many, cardio is the nightmare that is working out. There are tricks to getting a cardio work out in quickly and conveniently.

Time: Varies; try to continue to go longer when possible!

How Often: As Often as Possible

Without hitting a treadmill or going outside for a run, there are several ways to get a good workout in. Building your cardio is the same as building your muscles; if you haven’t used this part of your body, it may be sluggish at start, but with time you will see vast improvements. Start by walking and work your way up from there. Here are few ideas to get your cardio in on the go:

Take the Stairs; ALWAYS!

You’ll be surprised how fast this adds up for beginners!

Find a Buddy to Play with!

Since we’re adults, we often find no time to actually play; it’s sad. But there is hope! Find a friend that wants to play! By play, we mean anything from a game a kickball or even a game of tag! Sounds silly, but if you can find a fun way to do cardio you’ll be 10 times more likely to stick with it!

Have Sex!

If you’re an adult and have a partner that is willing and able, have as much sex as you can! Getting physical with your lover can get the heart rate up, burn calories, and release important chemicals in your brain that help to burn fat and increase muscle! Try to set goals here too 😉


Good Luck!