5-Year-Old Starts To Sing Her Song, When Dad Joins In It Melts Everyone’s Hearts

I’m pretty sure everyone is familiar with the little superstar Claire Ryann. This little girl has made a name for herself as a successful YouTube singer. Most of her success is do to her father. In most of her videos you will see her dad playing guitar or singing along

The video below is a duet of Claire with her dad singing together. It starts off in a beautiful woodsy type setting. Flowers and greenery all around. Then Claire begins to sing…

“Peace in Christ” is the most beautiful and magical song. But when Claire sings it, you feel the power behind her voice even though she’s so young. Her pitch and tune are perfect, as she exhibits the confidence of a seasoned professional.

When her father joins in on the duet with his soothing voice, your heart will melt. His voice is the perfect complement to Claire’s voice and together the duo makes magic happen.

This isn’t their first duet together. Claire and dad have put other beautiful songs together. This one is more special because of the beautiful scenery.

Check out their newest video below!